Properties: KAYACRYL™ Basic ED Dyes for Polyester

Dispersing Properties

KAYACRYL Basic ED Dyes are dispersed basic dyes which can be dispersed readily in water even in high concentrations. When dispersing KAYACRYL Basic ED Dyes, it is recommended to use lukewarm water around 120°F (50°C) and pasting with acetic acid is not recommended. 

The dispersed solution of KAYACRYL Basic ED dyes displays an anionic character making them compatible with other anionic compounds.

KAYACRYL ED Basic Dyes have considerably good stability in a wide dyebath pH range.

Dyeing Behavior

The transition point of cationic dyeable polyester fibers is 220-230°F (105-110°C), when quick exhaustion suddenly occurs. This means that careful control in raising the temperature near the transition point is required in order to obtain level dyeings. Ordinary cationic retarders cannot be used because of the anionic nature of KAYACRYL Basic ED Dyes.

KAYACRYL Basic ED vs Conventional Basic Dyes


  • The positively charged dye is naturally attracted to the negatively charged fiber.
  • This attraction is controlled by a negative retarding agent surrounding KAYACRYL Basic ED dyes.
  • As the temperature rises, the retarding agent gradually moves away from the dye.
  • KAYACRYL Basic ED dyes bond with the fibers slowly to produce even, level dyeings without assistance from compatabilizers or leveling agents.

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