Procedure: Atmospheric Dyeing of 100% Nylon

Prepare, rinse and neutralize fabric as required

  • Set dyebath at 100°F
    • Add 2.0% PERMALEV 21 (acid dye leveler)
    • Add 1.0% Ammonium Sulphate (ammonia)
  • Circulate 5 minutes
  • Add PERMALON dyes (predissolved)
  • Circulate 5 minutes
  • Heat to 212°F at 1-2°F per minute
  • Run 30 minutes. Check exhaustion. If additional exhaustion is needed, add 1.0-2.0% Acetic Acid (diluted)
  • Run 30 minutes
  • Cool to 160°F
  • Drain
  • Rinse well

Aftertreat: (optional)

  • Set bath at 100°F with
    • x% Acetic Acid 56% (prediluted) for bath pH of 4.5-5.0
  • Circulate 5-10 minutes
    • Add 2.0-4.0% STANFIX 1141-N (acid dye fixative)
  • Circulate 5 minutes
  • Heat to 160°F
  • Hold 20 minutes
  • Cool to 140°F
  • Drain
  • Rinse cold
  • Unload




PERMALEV 21 Acid Dye Leveler

Chemical Nature Intimate blend of surfactants and leveling agents
Physical Form Amber colored pourable liquid
Odor Essentially odorless on dilution
pH (as supplied) Essentially neutral
Ionic Nature Pseudo nonionic
Compatability Compatible with most anionic, cationic and nonionic dyestuffs and auxiliaries used in textile processing
Application Can be used in all equipment for the dyeing of nylon with acid, disperse and neutral premetallized dyes, eliminating the need for additional auxiliaries. The product has excellent anticoprecipitant and free rinsing properties.
Usage Package, Beam and Paddle:
  • 2-4% owg PERMALEV 21
  • 2% owg Ammonium Sulphate (ammonia)*
Beck and Skein Dye:
  • 2-4% PERMALEV 21
  • 1-3% Ammonium Sulphate (ammonia)*
Handling Recommendation Should be stored where freezing will not occur, however, product is freeze/thaw stable.
Special Note Excellent scour for 100% nylon

* With fast striking dyestuffs such as Direct Turquoise the addition of a small amount of ammonia is recommended (0.25-0.50%)





STANFIX 1141-N Acid Dye Fixative

STANFIX 1141-N is a fixing agent to improve wet fastness of acid dyes on nylon fibers. It also reduces the acid dye stain on white nylon print grounds when used in the after-scouring bath.


It acts as a reserving agent for nylon and minimizes the staining of nylon fibers by direct dyes when dyeing nylon/cellulosic blends.


STANFIX 1141-N is also recommended for the union dyeing of nylon/wool blends.


Product Benefits

  • Excellent wash fastness
  • Optimum reserving action of nylon in the presence of direct dyes
  • Minimal effect on light fastness
  • Minimal shade change
  • Recommended for dyeing nylon/rayon automotive upholstery
  • Suitable for union dyeing of nylon/wool blends


Typical Properties (not to be used for setting specifications)

Physical Form Dark brown liquid
Ionic Nature Anionic
pH (as supplied) 10.5 ± 0.5
Solubility Miscible with water in all proportions
Storage Stability Two years
Freeze/Thaw Do not freeze
Precaution Do not mix concentrated products with acids


Suggested Procedure

  • Aftertreat dyed goods by adding 1% Acetic Acid to 100°F bath
  • Heat to 120°F and add 3-4% STANFIX 1141-N
  • Heat to 140-160°F and hold for 15 minutes
  • Drop, rinse, finish as usual

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