Colors for Aquatics & Spray Pattern Indicators

sprayFormulated using the safest non-toxic dyes available, these colorants are available in both powder and liquid formulations and can be custom blended and packaged to suit your specific agronomic or marketing needs.

These colors can be used as both spray pattern indicators and for coloring aquatic systems.

pond time lapse

Time-lapse aerial photos illustrate how our aquatic dyes can restore vibrant blue color to a pond that's green and muddy.

  • For powder dyes, simply remove a water-soluble packet from its resealable foil pouch and toss it into the pond.
  • The dye begins to disperse immediately and evenly covers the entire area within 12-24 hours.
  • Liquid dyes can be applied directly from their resealable container. Simply pour the dye near the shoreline and it quickly disperses throughout the water.
  • Within a day, the dye has evenly covered the entire pond restoring the water’s natural beauty to a pleasant blue shade.


Colors for Aquatics & Spray Pattern Indicators
Physical Form
  PERMALON Blue VSG Liquid
  PERMALON Green SPI Liquid
  PERMALON Black VSG Liquid


The shades illustrated on this website are intended to convey the general color characteristics of each dye and are not intended to be an accurate representation of how the finished dyeings will actually appear. Due to differences in computer monitors, screen resolutions and graphics cards, the colors displayed here may vary.

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