PERMALON®/PERMALITE®/PERMACRYL® Water Soluble Dyes for Detergent Coloration

Color coding of soaps, detergents, and cleaners provides a quick and easy way to visually identify a range of products regardless of language or literacy barriers.

These bright, stable colors make it easy to distinguish different cleaning chemicals to prevent cross-contamination and reduce the risk of accidental misuse.

Select the right dye to meet your needs from our line of PERMALON Water Soluble Acid Dyes and PERMALITE Water Soluble Direct Dyes. 

Water Soluble Dyes for Detergent Coloration
pH Range
Light Fastness
Not Evaluated
PERMALON Golden Yellow T-AG 1.0-11.0 Not Evaluated
Detergent Amber 3.0-11.5 Not Evaluated
PERMALON Orange G 2.5-12.0 4-5
PERMALON Orange II 2.5-12.0 4-5
PERMALON Orange RP 3.0-12.0 4-5
PERMALITE Turquoise 8GL 3.0-13.5 1-2
PERMALITE Turquoise FBL 400% 4.0-13.0 5-6
PERMALON Blue VSG 3.0-12.0 1
PERMALON Blue CL 2.5-12.5 4-5
PERMALON Blue RAWL 150% 3.0-12.0 4
PERMALON Blue SAP 3.0-12.0 4-5
PERMALON Blue OB 200% 2.0-13.0 4-5
Fluorescent PERMALON Rhodamine B 3.0-12.0 1-2
PERMALON Water Red BZ 3.5-11.0 5-6
PERMALON Scarlet MOO 3.0-12.0 6-7
PERMALON Red CW 133% 3.0-13.5 2-3
PERMALON Red 3BN 1.5-11.5 5
Fluorescent PERMALON Eosine Y 3.0-11.5 1
PERMALON Black WA 3.0-11.5 7-8
PERMALON Black 10BR 3.0-11.5 Not Evaluated
PERMALON Nigrosine Powder 3.0-12.0 Not Evaluated
PERMALON Violet FBL 180% 3.0-11.5 4
PERMALON Violet IRS 2.5-12.0 Not Evaluated
PERMACRYL Methyl Violet 2B 1.0-12.0 Not Evaluated
PERMACRYL Green FS Liquid 2.0-11.5 1-2
PERMALON Neutral Green GK-EX 1.0-13.0 4-5
PERMALON Green T-NA 3.0-12.0 Not Evaluated
The shades illustrated on this website are intended to convey the general color characteristics of each dye and are not intended to be an accurate representation of how the finished dyeings will actually appear. Due to differences in computer monitors, screen resolutions and graphics cards, the colors displayed here may vary.

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