Terms of Sale


All prices are per pound and apply to standard package sizes as specified.


Products are supplied in a variety of standard packages chosen for easy dispensing by the customer, safe storage, shipping and handling, good environmental practice and good economics.

Freight Terms

  • Unless otherwise specified, all products are shipped freight collect.
  • Prices in effect at the time of shipment shall prevail and are subject to change without notice.
  • All prices and surcharges apply to single shipments made to one location at a time.

Payment Terms

  • Online Credit Card
  • Money Order
  • Letter of Credit
  • Company Check
  • Bank Official Check
  • Wire Transfer
  • Previous Established Accounts P.O. Net – 30 days from date of invoice


All merchandise returns must have a return authorization number and are subject to approval of quality as determined by our laboratory. Goods approved for return (freight prepaid to a location of our choice) will receive credit as follows:

Unopened Containers

  • 75% credit if returned within 30 days of invoice date
  • 50% credit if returned within 60 days of invoice date

Non-Returnable Products

  • Opened Containers
  • Discontinued Items
  • Repacked Quantities
  • Presscakes
  • Firm-order products or products made to specification
  • Fast color salts after six months from invoice date
  • All products after one year from invoice date

Please contact us by email or call 800-859-1240 toll free if you have additional questions or inquiries.


The conditions of your use and application of our products and information (whether verbal, written or by way of production evaluation), including any suggested formulations and recommendations, are beyond our control. Therefore, it is imperative that you test our products and information to determine to your own satisfaction whether they are suitable for your intended uses and applications. This application specific analysis at least must include testing to determine suitability from a technical, as well as health, safety and environmental standpoint. Such testing has not necessarily been done by Standard Colors, Inc.

All information is given without warranty or guarantee. Standard Colors, Inc. disclaims any liability, in negligence or otherwise, incurred in connection with the use of our products and information. Any statement or recommendation not contained herein is unauthorized and shall not bind Standard Colors, Inc. Nothing herein shall be construed as a recommendation to use any product in conflict with patents covering any material or its use. No license is implied or, in fact, granted under the claims of any patent.

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