PERMACURE® UV Curable Pigments

Standard Colors is focused on providing high-quality UV curable pigment dispersions to the wood coating and printing industries. Our range of PERMACURE UV dispersions includes the most popular colors used for inks and wood stains.

Our PERMACURE UV dispersions are non-volatile colorants with good flow properties and excellent stability. Each pigment dispersion is prepared in the base monomer at the pigment load listed in the accompanying table.

UV curable dispersions produce an even coating on a variety of substrates — even surfaces where it’s typically difficult for coating to adhere. The radiation from the UV light causes the photo initiator in the ink formulation to cleave and initiate the polymerization process. The curing happens rapidly allowing a high volume throughput in a short time.

We manufacture our PERMACURE UV dispersions using the finest raw materials available from our worldwide sources to precisely control quality and consistency.

Custom Color Match Services

We also believe that a quality product backed by outstanding service provides the solutions our customers require.

Our line of PERMACURE UV dispersions is continually under development to consistently improve quality and expand our range of colors for the coatings industry.

Through our color match services we work directly with you to develop the customized products your business needs.

If you don’t see the exact color you need in this brochure, give us a call at 336-841-5468 to discuss what Standard Colors can do for you. 


10% Tint Tone



% Load





Yellow 184



Semi-transparent green shade yellow


    Yellow 14 TMPTA 15-20% Semi-transparent mid shade yellow Printing
    Yellow 42 TMPTA 30%-40% Semi-transparent to opaque yellow iron oxide Wood Coating
    Yellow 83 TMPTA 12% Semi-transparent red shade yellow Wood Coating
    Blue 15:1 TMPTA 20% Semi-transparent red shade blue Printing
Wood Coating
    Blue 15:3 TMPTA 20% Semi-transparent green shade blue Printing
Wood Coating
    Blue 15:4 TMPTA 20% Semi-transparent green shade blue Printing
Wood Coating
    Blue 15:6 TMPTA 20% Semi-transparent red shade blue  Printing
Wood Coating
    Red 254 NPGDA 15% Semi-transparent mid shade red Printing
    Red 238 TMPTA 20% Semi-transparent to opaque blue shade red Printing
Wood Coating
    Sienna TPGDA 26% Semi-transparent to opaque sienna brown Wood Coating
    Van Dyke Brown TMPTA 15%-20% Semi-transparent Van Dyke brown Wood Coating
    Carbon Black TMPTA 20%-40% Semi-transparent to opaque black Printing
Wood Coating
    TiO2/White TMPTA 20%-75% Transparent to opaque white Printing
Wood Coating


The shades illustrated on this website are intended to convey the general color characteristics of each dye and are not intended to be an accurate representation of how the finished dyeings will actually appear. Due to differences in computer monitors, screen resolutions and graphics cards, the colors displayed here may vary.

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